With the spirit of “work hard - play hard”, all Huynh Duc members have had an energetic and unforgettable teambuilding experience at the Ecological tourist area - Golden Scorpion.

To Huynh Duc, the staff is the most valuable piece of asset, helping the company to direct the ‘Huynh Duc’ ship to greater feats and conquer the big sea. Due to that philosophy, Huynh Duc has always been focusing on different policies, targeting our staff members.

Teambuilding is one of the annual activities that we prioritize. This is an activity where Huynh Duc can show how much we care about our employees’ health, physically and mentally. Furthermore, Teambuilding also aids in enhancing the value of solidarity by creating a friendly playground where different departments can strengthen their bonds and motivations for work.


Games like “Friendly soccer” and “Drunken penalties” had created many waves of laughter and excitement for all the members who have participated and cheered along, helping the atmosphere to become more energetic and heated.

The winning team for the opening game

With hearts full of devotion and energy, handshakes that strengthen the union and joyful smiles after each game, every team has participated with their blood, sweat and tears, despite challenging environments. Huynh Duc has shown a copious spirit, both at work and in outdoor activities.

Let’s go over some photos of the Teambuilding activities:

- After the opening games on the grass, some team activities for all Huynh Duc members are waiting for them ahead. With teams naming “Creativity”, “Responsibility” and “Solidarity”, Huynh Duc has partially displayed the spirit and goals that the senior leadership team wants to emphasize for all staff members.

Dividing teams for teambuilding activities

The organizing team helps to set out the games

- Although the weather was extreme, with rain hardly pouring down, all of Huynh Duc members still gave the best for games like “Boat racing on the land” or “Bring the water back to the source” with unbeatable and lively spirit.

Boat racing on the land

- We ended the morning activities with the ship racing. Not just that it required the flexibility in how you direct the paddles, but this game also demanded resilience and strength from all the members of the team, so that they could drive their boat in the right direction and reach the finish line as fast as possible.

The excitement of all the staff members although there was a big rain before that

Even though they have put in a lot of effort, some boats still failed to travel in a straight line

The team spirit was the biggest goal and value that the senior leadership team wanted to highlight to all employees through the games. And of course, prices would be given to individuals and teams that showed an outstanding team spirit, energy and devotion in both outdoor activities and work.

The organizing team - People who worked hard to create an elated and energetic trip for everyone



After a day full of activities that consumed a lot of energy, the gala dinner was the time for all employees of Huynh to rest, enjoy the savory food that had been nicely prepared and nervously waited for all the presents for individuals and teams who showed excellent performances on this event.

Obviously, musical performances were a must that could not be missed for some amateur singers. This was the time for songs that emphasize the team spirit or lighten the dynamic atmosphere of the night.

Opening the wine bottle to start the Huynh Duc gala dinner

Invaluable lessons and profound meaning about solidarity were what the organizing team and the senior leadership team wanted to educate our staff members. This event was also an opportunity for the Huynh Duc family to share many memorable experiences. Through that, we sought to strengthen the links between our employees and relieved the stress from their heavy workload. 

The senior leadership team shared: “We hope that this Teambuilding activity will be a foundation for all staff members to connect with each other. Moreover, this will be a place for us all to unite and resonate, thereby achieving greater feats together in the future. With this team of inspirational people, we are optimistic and confident that Huynh Duc will observe many dynamic and radical changes in the next few years, bringing us closer to our dream.”