Huynh Duc – A reliable supplier in providing products and services for the supporting industry

With 25 years of experience, Huynh Duc prioritizes the philosophy of ‘renovating our perception, achieving our potential, shaping our future, reaching our success’. As a result, Huynh Duc has gradually claimed our position within the Viet Nam’s supporting industry, as well as gaining trust from various national and international businesses. Currently, Huynh Duc is focusing on 4 major fields:

Producing and manufacturing equipment to assist production
Producing and manufacturing equipment to assist production
Exact mechanics
Exact mechanics
Producing and assembling automatic machines
Producing and assembling automatic machines
Designing, manufacturing machines and molds
Designing, manufacturing machines and molds
Machines - Technology

In order to provide a variety of products with high levels of accuracy, Huynh Duc has been investing in numerous cutting-edge machines and technology from many reputable brands like MAKINO, HWACHEON, TRUMPF, AMADA... Furthermore, all machines at Huynh Duc are 100% imported from Korea, Japan and other countries in Europe. At the moment, Huynh Duc is currently owning some machines like:

Laser Cutting Machines
Metal Bending Machines
Lathe CNC Machines
Grinding Machines
Fast Wire Cutting Machines
Electrical Discharge Machines
Laser Engraving Cutting Machine
Welding Machines
3D Measuring Machines
Hardness Testing Machines
Granite Surface Plates
Fields of work
1. Nhận nguyên vật liệu phôi
2. Cắt laser và phân chia theo đúng kích thước nguyên vật liệu
3. Chấn bẻ
4. Hàn và lắp ráp
5. Hàn và lắp ráp
6. Hàn và lắp ráp
Production activities

With 25 years of experience in providing products and services for many national and international businesses, Huynh Duc has gained credibility from a variety of well-known organizations like: MABUCHI MOTOR, GE, NOK, SWAROVSKI, DOOSAN, FIRST SOLAR, UAC, ON SEMICONDUCTOR, TAKAKO... Moreover, to offer the best products possible at a competitive price, Huynh Duc continuously aims to enhance our administrative systems, train our professional workforce, improve the working facilities, and invest in modern machines.

Professional workforce

To further enhance the quality of our products and services, during the past years, Huynh Duc has tried to actively train our professional workforce whenever possible. With over 350 trained staff, Huynh Duc assures that the quality of our products will be prioritized. 


  • Office workers: 40 people
  • Engineers: 30 people
  • Technicians and Operators: > 280 people

Employees at Huynh Duc have to go through induction training before they officially work. On top of that, we also hold various training and instruction sections when they are needed. This verifies Huynh Duc’s dedication to provide the best products possible for our customers.

Professional workforce
A variety of cutting-edge machines

To ensure that Huynh Duc can meet the changing needs of the supporting industry in the future, we always try to invest in machines that satisfy the global qualities. Thus, these machines are imported from many famous brands such as MAKINO, HWACHEON, TRUMPF, AMADA... Currently, Huynh Duc has: 


  • CNC Machines: > 90
  • Laser Cutting Machines: 05
  • Milling and Lathe Machines: > 30
  • Metal Bending Machines: 06
  • Shearing Machines: 04
  • 3D Measuring Machines: 03
  • Fast Wire Cutting Machines: 06
  • Electrical Discharge Machines: 02
  • Along with other professional equipment. 


A variety of cutting-edge machines
Production expansion

With the plan to officially open the 21.000m² production facility at the AMATA Industrial Zone in 2023, Huynh Duc wishes to become one of the credible suppliers for numerous international businesses in the future. Our relocated factory will be positioned at AMATA Industrial Zone, Dong Nai - a vital ‘knot’ of the industrial economy in Southern Viet Nam. 

  • Dong Nai Factory: Total capacity of 5000m², located in 177C Hoang Minh Chanh, An Hoa, Hoa An, Bien Hoa, Dong Nai. 
    • Lying on the main route (500m away from 1K highway), near Bien Hoa 1 Industrial Zone, Bien Hoa 2 Industrial Zone, Song Than Industrial Zone, VSIP I, VSIP II, Saigon Hi-Tech Park.
  • Da Nang Factory: Total capacity of 9000m², located in the Expanded Hoa Khanh Industrial Park, Da Nang - one of the biggest industrial zones in Central Viet Nam.
Production expansion
Workflow optimization

By implementing the ERP system in management, the workflow of Huynh Duc has been majorly optimized. Due to this investment, our production activities have also been managed efficiently and accurately.


Thanks to ERP, Huynh Duc is gradually improving our production time, so that qualified products can be delivered to our customers as soon as possible. 

Workflow optimization
Quality certification
ISO 9001:2015

We hope to ensure our customers about the quality of the products that Huynh Duc provided. Because of that mission, in 2020, we are extremely honored to receive the ISO 9001:2015 certification - accredited by BOA. This certification has further proven the ability of Huynh Duc in providing products that meet international standards. 

Clients - Customers
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