On 28/01/2019, at Cat Tuong Garden Restaurant - Bien Hoa, all employees and the senior leadership team of Huynh Duc Manufacturing Trading Service Company Limited (Dong Nai) have had an amazing and vibrant party to welcome the new year 2020.

Year End Party is one of Huynh Duc's annual activities, where we prepare for a new adventure and incoming innovative changes to bring Huynh Duc to greater success.


The Year End Party was hosted at the Cat Tuong Garden Restaurant - Bien Hoa, Dong Nai, with the warm and loving involvement of the senior leadership team and all employees. As this was an occasion for us to look back at all the hardwork of the company after a tough year, Huynh Duc also prepared several valuable presents for individuals or groups that had excellent performances within the year. These presents were:

  • 01 Special Present: 01 Yamaha NVX 155 ABS Motorbike/present
  • 02 First Presents: 02 Honda Future Motorbike/present
  • 03 Second Presents: 01 Panasonic Washing machines/present
  • 03 Third Presents: 01 32-Inch Panasonic Smart TV/present 
  • Besides, we also prepared 67 Bluestone EGB-7408 Electric hobs and 79 Sunhouse SHA 8504 Pressure cookers for all employees of Huynh Duc.

The preparation of the presents


The means to show gratitude towards our employees is one of the core purposes that Huynh Duc wants to highlight for every Year End Party of the company. “All the workload during the past year was successfully completed thanks to all the effort and sacrifice of all Huynh Duc employees.” Due to that reason, the senior leadership team wanted to show a sincere appreciation for the dedication that the staff has put in for the overall development of Huynh Duc. Some photos of the Year End Party 2019 were shown below:


Apart from these valuable gifts, the senior leadership team also had some meaningful medals for staff members who had dedicated their time and effort for Huynh Duc from the day the company was established until now.


Medals for employees with 5,10 and 15 years of dedication



NThe highlight of this Year End Party was the phenomenal Flashmob that has been prepared by the organizing team of Huynh Duc, encouraging all departments to nominate some ‘outstanding’ individuals for this surprising performance. This further helped to connect and bring the Huynh Duc family together, thus improving the solidarity of the company.



Before coming to this event, all the participants had to give up their free time after the working hours for numerous practices, in order to prepare for this special performance. As we want to bring out the joy for the staff, as well as create many unforgettable memories, the Flashmob put an end to a year of enthusiasm and welcomes the new year 2020 with optimism and energy.



Closing the year 2019 full of positive and vibrant activities from all Huynh Duc staff members, 2020 is going to be a year of tough challenges. However, with the solidarity of all Huynh Duc employees and the senior leadership team, Huynh Duc is determined to continue striving for all the goals that have been set for the future.