On 29/09/2019, the social-work representatives of Huynh Duc Manufacturing Trading Service Company Limited (Dong Nai) had a meaningful trip to visit and give 650 gifts to patients that are treated at the Dong Nai Children’s Hospital.

Over 650 presents and cash (62.000.000 VND) for the children who were having treatments at the Dong Nai Children’s Hospital were carefully prepared by Huynh Duc’s volunteers. This activity was a part of Huynh Duc’s social actions, with the responsibility to spread out the joy and love to the children and their families here.

The social-work representatives of Huynh Duc

Social Corporate Responsibility is one of the principal focuses of Huynh Duc. Besides the trading, researching and developing activities, Huynh Duc also priorities the idea of “the community develops, the business develops.” Because of that, Huynh Duc also hopes to share and support, physically and mentally, individuals who are in less fortunate situations.

All the volunteers, consisting of different individuals from various departments, had a special trip to visit and give out the prepared presents for these young patients with the hope of partially supporting the financial burden of their parents. Through the detailed guild of the public relations team of the Dong Nai Children’s Hospital, we have had a successful and memorable charity trip.

The preparation and transportation of the gifts into the hospital

Sorting out the envelopes of money for numerous patients 

Huynh Duc volunteers travel to different areas around the hospital

All the presents that had been prepared were being delivered to different rooms

Childrens with presents that had been given out by Huynh Duc’s volunteers

Apart from the tangible gifts, Huynh Duc also gave out a small amount of cash for the patients’ parents to support their situations 

Volunteers gave out gifts and asked questions about the kids’ health

Ending this meaningful and loving activity, Huynh Duc was extremely honored to receive a certification of gratitude from Dong Nai Children’s Hospital. This was one of the primary motivations for our company to continue these social actions, thus helping to spread out this responsibility to all employees of the company.